medical non-adherence



Medical adherence and the 65+ community has been wrongly perceived by society, and therefore solutions have been generic, stale, and temporary. This research looks into reframing the social, cultural, and financial impacts of the system as a whole as well as the individuals who currently rely on it. A toolkit was developed as a guide to understand what it is like to be 65+ and medically non-adherent. The toolkit provides key messages, research, and insights to prompt design solutions.


  • - Prompt cards of facts, insights, and research
  • - Personas taken from research
  • - Research methods include: Innovation Map, Eras Map, Analogous Models, 5 Human Factors, User Journey Map, Role Play Ideation, PEOMS (People, Objects, Environments, Messages, and Services)
  • - Site visitations & volunteering: Meals on Wheels, local food pantries, and nursing homes





research maps

Below are samples of the maps developed in the research phase